The Wellcome Trust becomes a partner of the inaugural Fluids and Health 2019 Conference!

We are grateful for the support and partnership of the Wellcome. The Wellcome exists to improve health by helping great ideas to thrive.

The Wellcome Trust takes on big health challenges, campaign for better science, and help everyone get involved with science and health research. It supports exploring fundamental questions about health and disease. Its founder, Sir Henry Wellcome, was a medical entrepreneur, collector and philanthropist and the activities of the Trust today reflect the breadth of his interests, and his conviction that health can be improved when research generates, tests and investigates new ideas. One of the world’s biggest challenges is how to be better prepared for the next major epidemic. Wellcome’s response is an example of how to work with academia, philanthropy, businesses, governments and civil society around the world to take on health challenges in many different, coordinated ways.



Wednesday, 2019, July 10