Keynote Lectures at the Fluids and Health 2019 meeting include: 

Dr. James Hughes, MD, Emory University, US

Dr.  Pierre Parneix, MD, President of the French Society of Hospital Hygiene, Medical University of Bordeaux, France 

Dr. Howard Heller, MD, MIT-Harvard, US

Dr. Taronna Maines, PhD, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, US

Prof. Martha Gray, PhD, MIT & Harvard, US

Prof. Nelly Henry, PhD, CNRS, Srobonne University, France

Prof. Ivana Gudelj, PhD, University of Exeter, UK

Dr. William Jones, PhD, Acting Director, Office of Food Safety, US Food and Drug Administration, US 

Dr. Don Aylor, PhD, Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, US

Prof. Sebastien Saint-Jean, PhD, National Institute for Agricultural Research, France

Dr. David Oryang, PhD, US Food and Drug Administration, US 

Prof. Andrew Woods, PhD, Cambridge University, UK

Prof. Emmanuel Villermaux, PhD, Aix Marseille University, France 

Prof. Lydia Bourouiba, PhD, MIT, USA

Prof. Jeff Koseff, PhD, Stanford University, US

Dr. Michelle DiBenedetto, PhD, Stanford University, US

Prof. Arne Pearlstein, PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US

Prof. Josue Sznitman, PhD, Group, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Israel 

Outline of Program and Logistics 

Week 1: Fluids in Human Health, Diseases and Drugs  

Arrival and Check-in by end of Monday July 22nd

Lectures and sessions start the morning of Tuesday 23rd of July and end at noon Saturday 27th of July 

Week 2: Fluids in Agriculture and Food Safety from Field to Fork

Lectures and sessions start the morning of Monday 29th of July and end, end of day Friday 2nd of August 

Departures and Check-out from facilities: By noon morning of Saturday August 3rd

Weeks 1 and 2: Fundamental and applied fluid dynamics lecturers will span the two weeks, with application domain lecturers specified in the two weeks above. 


Apply by May 15 to submit contributed talks and apply for participation and fellowships to attend here!

The finalized full program will be posted on this page.